Footprint the photo – tutorial

Footprint – tutorial!

Footprint is an experiment I tried to realize. I got inspired from similar shots and decided to have my shoot too!
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How I got there!

impronta bozza ispirazione how to footprintI did a basic sketch to decide how to proceed. So, paper and pencil and I got my basic scene setup done. It’s always a nice idea to start from a basic plan to develop an idea.
I’m use to have paper and pencil more often then my camera. I always try to find some inspiration around…

At the beginning of the project, I used some water and a drop counter to design my basic scene, the Footprint. So far, I couldn’t manage to prevent water to move larger and flat.
Then I decided to use a different kind of fluid, and move to glycerin. It’s really easy to buy glycerin and it’s really cheap.

Glycerin is denser then water and with a higher index of refraction. With the use of a syringe I have been able to pose glycerin in a little shape. By the way, do not touch the glycerin directly else you’ll risk to make a mess of your camera and lens.

Get the Pict!

With the help of a little hand held led light (my main light) in my left hand, and the dSRL in the other, I just shoot some photos and at the third try I’ve been lucky.
A macro lens or a close up filter could help. I hadn’t any at the moment. So far, the result is not that bad!
Have a try yourself and let me see you best result if you like 😉

Cost of the photo!

Well, this test and pict is probably one of the cheapest I ever tested.
Glycerin and a syringe are easy to provide and really cheap. Anyone can get these for less then 10€.

Few money, few time and a lot of fun… ^^