Ninja Fruits Photography

This is an easy photography experiment that I recently did. I had a lot of fun with it.
The final effect is not that bad. Maybe with some more training, my photos will get better.
Have fun!

The Ninja Fruits Photography Project.

This could be not really a new hit in the photography panorama, but I got inspired by one of the first games I installed on my smartphone, Ninja Fruits!

The guide line

The trick is quite easy.
The first part of this article will explain how to setup the main stage.
Then I show some easy ways I find to built/cut and pose the model, elsewhere, if you feel lucky could try with a Katana.

BTW, this kind of photo making is really cheap, and at the end you can always do break with a banana or a tomato, while a lemmon could be a bit too bitter 😀

The Stage

First thing to have is a stable standing. Using a tripod would be nice. The viewpoint should be as steady as possible.

To build the stage I used some cardboards, 2 whit A3 sheet. The first photo is about the empty stage. It’s better to save it in a row file… Tanking care of keeping anything as clean as possibile, I started to build the main scene testing lights and managing focusing and aperture.

Lights used are mainly 2, both speed-lights, controlled with a basic trigger.

Let’s Swipe!

Have a knife, a sharp one, but be careful. Do some basics cuts to the tomato/banana, not too many, else you’ll have an hard working later on. In both the pict I choose to do 3 slices. Easy to manage and easy work in post-prod.

How to pose the Slices?

Here is the fully part. I figured out 3 possible solutions. I’m sure there could be many more.

The first solution I got: With a nailon wire I passed by the 3 slices and made them stand for the photo holding the wire in one hand.

The second idea I found: always with a nailon wire I did a kind of basic net. Done this for each slice let me have all the time to shoot the photo while anything was standing by.

The third solution is even the easiest: using a fine wood stick I passed the 3 tomato’s slices and got them standing enough to get the photo.

All these solutions are depending on the density and resistence of the fruit/vegetable you are planning to use.

fotografare a fette photography

Some post-prod

I’m not that great in post producuction and most of the time I avoid it, so far, I managed it somehow…

The basic operations require to use the empty stage photo as background, and clean the overlapped levels to build a clean image.

In the End

It’s easy, cheap and quite fast to ralize some nice photos as I did (and even much better, I’m sure).
Have a try if you like and let me know about!!! 😉