I’ve always wanted to be able to realize some Bodyscape photographies, hence here I’m, doing some experiment and showing up some of the result I’ve reached in an afternoon. The work of Allan Teger has been an inspiration. His work leaded me to try and to enjoy this kind of photography.

Bodyscape, my first experiment

bodyscape setup project

To realize good Bodysacpe photography it’s necessary to have a nice project.
This is probably the hardest part of the work.

Following a project is almost anytime a good idea, but in this specific situation could make the difference.
My first idea was pretty easy. Place lights, model and shoot! But this wasn’t the leading line to follow.

Plane lights position and orientation, think exposure, what kind of background and foreground… Well, it’s a project, there must be something to think about 😉

Few More Info

It looks really stupid, but the first step was to fine a model that was willing to realize this kind of photographies. I’ve been lucky because one day, a model I was working with me told me she would love to realize some photos like these done by Allan I. Teger. Nice start, but we needed some time to understand how to work together.

So far, after some sample shots and few work around with the lights and exposure, we could start do some work.
We could not dedicate a long time to pose & shoot, so fare these are some of results achieved. Thanks Martina!

 Set Up the Scene

It’s not that impossible to achieve this kind of shot. Camera and lens could be almost anything. The light (I started to work with just one) is set behind the subject.
I used a flash with pose light to see what was going on the scene. A basic trigger has been enough to flash the subject.

What did I do wrong?

Well. the first thing I saw was the DoF. I used a too wide diaphram. something like 3.5 on mi 90mm macro lens. This leaded to have a small deep of field and a lot of details wend blurred.
I should plan to manage a littler aperture, something like f5.6 or more, a stronger lightning and a polarized filter could be useful.